Keswick Mountain Rescue Team | About Us
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About Us


The team in 2014.

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team comprises 45 members, all unpaid volunteers, who are available at all times of the day and night, 365 days per year, to assist those in distress and lost on the mountains of the Lake District.Currently, we turn out to around 140 callouts each year, and handle 30 or 40 ‘alerts’ which mainly deal with overdue or lost walkers – most of which can be dealt with by mobile phones.


There is an enormous amount of ‘unseen’ work which goes on behind the scenes. Training takes place every week and equipment is checked and maintained constantly so that we are always in a state of readiness to leave at a moment’s notice for the next job.


We are a Registered Charity. There is much work to be done in raising funds to support the work which we do. Find out more about us by visiting our pages. If you wish to know more, or would like to sponsor us, visit our Donations page.


The team in 1999.