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Hello to the whole team at Keswick.

I do not know where to begin in trying to thank you all for your amazing help, support, comfort and care in looking after myself and the rest of our group when I fell about 50ft in the ‘usual gully’ on Sharp Edge. The professionalism throughout, reassurance for all of us and dedication to making sure we were safe and being looked after is beyond any words I can post here.

The weather was horrendous and even where I lay was making the rescue very difficult, even for the helicopters to get there. This was never shown by anyone though, as you were making sure I was being treated, my friends were okay and we were all going to leave the mountain side without any problems. Even when I was being transported down the mountain side in the stretcher, volunteers were prepared to stand either side of it, whom I had never met to say “you’ll be okay Gareth, you’ll soon be down and getting some rest” …and this was giving me so much strength to know I was okay. The helicopter was saying “5 minutes or we cannot take off” but still your team was determined this would not hinder my rescue and I would be away and at hopsital as soon as possible.

My friends were escorted back to their cars safely so they could go home and I was able to ring them later to say we were all okay. I will be forever eternally grateful for the rest of my life to all of you and the fantastic help you gave all of us that day. I have no broken bones, no major injuries at all and just cuts and bruises which will heal and this is a miracle. It is also down to the excellent treatment I received in very difficult conditions from your team. So thank you, thank you, thank you from all of my heart, now and forever.


I am writing to express our EXTREME GRATITUDE to the Keswick MRT who attended to rescue our collie Max when he had fallen into the Cat Ghyll ravine last Sunday.

From the initial contact we made by mobile phone we were dealt with in a way which re-assured us and inspired confidence. The kindness and professionalism of the 4 team members who attended was astounding from the beginning to the end.

The 2 team members who walked up to where we were waiting went out of their way to keep us informed. The other 2 men who walked up the stream bed to rescue Max, also, showed great dedication. They not only carried a wet and bedraggled Max back down the stream but were, also, kind enough to carry him back to their vehicle.

The team’s support was not only limited to Max but extended to encouraging me as I was struggling somewhat descending the track with an arthritic knee.

The team was then kind enough to escort us back to your base where they provided us with a highlighted map to show us the route to the local vet.

We had not really expected Max to survive his 30+ metre fall but he seems to have escaped from his ordeal rather lightly. The vet found that he had some bruising to his back but otherwise seemed to be uninjured. Max was treated for shock and was given some stronger medication for his existing joint problems. After a lot of sleeping he is walking around, albeit rather slowly and stiffly and we are hopeful for him making a complete recovery.

The KMRT members asked us to let them know how Max progressed and so I am very pleased to do give them this good report.

I’m afraid that I failed to get the team members’ names but would you please pass on our HEARTFELT GRATITUDE for coming to our aid in such a PROMPT, CARING AND PROFESSIONAL way.

We have already begun to spread the good news about the EXCELLENT SERVICE we received from Keswick Mountain Rescue Team and will do all that we can in future to publicise your excellent work.
When we return home we will be getting in touch with the KMRT treasurer to arrange our future regular financial support for the work of KMRT.


At approx 1400 hrs on the 8th June I was walking down the Doddick Fell path with three friends when I slipped and ruptured the extensor tendon in my right knee. Once the pain had subsided I tried to move but found this impossible so one of my friends called for help and your team was mobilised. Within less than half an hour I saw the first member of your team slogging his way through waist high bracken carrying what appeared to be a very heavy ruck sack. Within a few minutes he was joined by the rest and I knew that my ordeal was nearly over as I was being cared for by the most professional and understanding group of people I`ve have ever met. I was quite embarrassed to be in this situation but at no time did anyone try to make me feel bad about what had happened. Instead, jokes were made and the banter flew thick and fast – just the sort of thing to make a firefighter feel at home. What a wonderful group of people!

I had my operation three days later back in Bradford and am now on the road to recovery looking forward to the time when I can once more walk the fells (hopefully without having to call for assistance). I have made a small donation but hope to do more when I get back to full health. Once again thank you for everything you did and please pass on my best wishes to all the team and their families.

Kindest regards




Copied from the JustGiving website ( – with Simon’s thanks!

In August 2008 I was attempting a long-distance fell run called the Bob Graham Round. Five hours into the run I suffered an accident, falling 150m down the side of Blencathra in the Lake District. I broke 7 bones and suffered serious head injuries.

The Team’s bleepers went off at 0615 and they rolled out of bed and made their way to my location on foot, without breakfast. They then spent 4 hours tending to my immediate medical needs, and arranging a helicopter to come and take me to hospital. Because of the bad weather the Team had to manually transfer me for an hour down a ravine and across the fell before reaching a location where the helicopter could winch me from.

Having successfully packaged me off to hospital they returned to their base where some left and spent the rest of their day in their ‘day jobs’ and some were called to a second incident on a different mountain.

The team do this incredibly demanding job, not for money, but for the love of it, 365 days a year 24 hours a day. The team relies on charitable donations for its operation, and receives no statutory funding.

After 20 months in rehab, 25 hours of surgery over 7 separate operations and countless minor procedures, I have finally reached a level where I can attempt to repay some of the debt I owe to this team of incredibly humble and dedicated people.

I shall be competing in three events for my summer series: on 3 July I shall compete in the Great London Swim, a 1 mile open water swim in central London on 28 July I shall be competing in the Human Race sprint triathlon at Dorney Lake, Eton, (750m swim, 20k bike, 5k run) and on the 5 September I shall complete the Bristol Half Marathon.


You may not remember me but I certainly remember you! You came to my rescue along with the air ambulance after I had taken a fall on Lonscale Fell. I am most grateful for the kindness and help that you showedto me and my family on that day. I was airtlifted to Carlisle hospital where I had surgery to fix my broken tibia and fibula. I managed to break the fibula into 5 pieces so now have plates in my leg. I’m finally on the mend and after 8 months I am finally able to walk without the use of crutches!

To show my appreciation, I have done some fundraising and have donated £400 through your website link. Most of the fundraising was done at my workplace and if at all possible, perhaps someone could send me an acknowledgement so that I can show it to all the members who donated.

A big thank you to all the Team again as I do not know what we would have done on that day if you hadn’t come to my aid.