Keswick Mountain Rescue Team | Team Members
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Team Members

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team is fortunate in having a wealth of experience and expertise amongst its members. Most are either very active in their occupations and/or their leisure activities.

Steve Allen


Gordon Barker

Biotech Consultant / Chairman / Trustee

Alan Barnes

Emergency Medical Technician / Training Officer

Paul Barnes

Fire Fighter / Deputy Leader

Martin Bell


Tom Blakely

Paramedic / Membership Secretary / Trustee

Mark Hodgson MBE

Project Director

Simon Hodgson

Company Director

Dr Tim Hooper

General Practitioner / Medical Officer

Katharine Horder

Head Teacher (Retd)

Elly Whiteford

Technical Specialist

Andy Jones

Policeman (Retd) / Guest House Proprietor

Dan Jordan

Emergency Medical Technician / Equipment Officer

Fiona Boyle

Lecturer (Law) / Secretary / Trustee

Peter Little

Pharmacist (Retd) / Report Editor

Craig Dring

Procurement manager (Retd) / Data Protection Officer

George Lloyd

Retail Assistant / Equipment Officer

Paul Cheshire

Chartered Engineer

Tom McNally

Outdoor Pursuits Instructor / Equipment Officer

Dave Hill

Store Manager

Malcolm Miller

Head Teacher (Retd) & Science Technician / Collection Box Coordinator

Nuala Dowie


Phil Newton

Outdoor Pursuits Instructor (Retd)

Matt Eaves

Soletrader - Greenescape / Vehicles Officer

Mike Nxon MBE

Outdoor Equipment Shop Assistant (Retd) / President / Honorary Member

Donald Ferguson

Rope Access Technician

Simon Noble

Teacher (Maths) Retd

Chris Francis

Fire Service

Dave Pratt

Teacher (Physics)

Richard Gale

Accommodation Provider

Alan Prescott

Senior Manager / Radio Officer

Chris Gillyon

Company Director / Deputy Leader

Jocky Sanderson

Outdoor Pursuits Instructor

Geoff Gilmore

Leisure Pool Manager / Base Officer

Sarah Bennett

Tour Operator / Base Officer

Rob Grange

Photographer / IT Manager

Lisa Price

General Marina Manager

Stuart Holmes


Ian Wallace

Dentist (Retd) / Treasurer / Trustee

Chris Higgins

Outdoor Pursuits Instructor / Team Leader / Trustee

Paul White

Paper Mill Chemist / Collection Box Coordinator / Trustee

Steve Hepburn

Company Director / Training Officer / Deputy Leader



John Hunston

Retired Accountant

Richard Smith

Outdoor Pursuits Instructor

Hannah Wignall

Sports Therapist

Duane Moran

Probationary Member

Jonathan Hughes

Probationary Member

Adam Edmondson

Probationary Member

Adrian Holme

Probationary Member

Sarah Graham

Probationary Member