Keswick Mountain Rescue Team | Team Members
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Team Members

Keswick Mountain Rescue Team is fortunate in having a wealth of experience and expertise amongst its members. Most are either very active in their occupations and/or their leisure activities.

Steve Allen

Handyman / Base Manager

Gordon Barker

Biotech Consultant / Chairman / Trustee

Alan Barnes

Outdoor Pursuits Instructor / Training Officer

Paul Barnes

Fire Fighter / Deputy Leader

Martin Bell


Tom Blakely

Paramedic / Membership Secretary / Trustee

Mark Hodgson MBE

Project Director

Simon Hodgson

Company Director

Dr Tim Hooper

General Practitioner / Medical Officer

Katharine Horder

Head Teacher

Elly Whiteford

Technical Officer

Andy Jones

Policeman (Retd) / Guest House Proprietor

Dan Jordan

College Lecturer / Prince's Trust Team Leader / Equipment Officer

Fiona Boyle

Lecturer (Law) / Secretary / Trustee

Peter Little

Pharmacist / Report Editor

Mike Nixon MBE

Honorary Member

George Lloyd

Retail Assistant / Equipment Officer

Paul Cheshire

Chartered Engineer

Tom McNally

Outdoor Pursuits Instructor / Equipment Officer

Graeme Wilson

Site Inspector

Malcolm Miller

Head Teacher (Retd) & Science Technician / Collection Box Coordinator

Nuala Dowie


Phil Newton

Outdoor Pursuits Instructor (Retd)

Matt Eaves

LDNPA Apprentice Supervisor / Vehicles Officer

Mike Nxon MBE

Outdoor Equipment Shop Assistant (Retd) / President / Honorary Member

Donald Ferguson

Bike Shop Assistant

Simon Noble

Teacher (Maths) Retd

Chris Francis

CAD Operator

Dave Pratt

Teacher (Physics)

Richard Gale

Technical Delivery Manager

Alan Prescott

Senior Manager / Communications Officer

Chris Gillyon

Company Director / Deputy Leader

Jocky Sanderson

Outdoor Pursuits Instructor

Geoff Gilmore

Leisure Pool Manager

Sarah Bennett

(Probationary Member)

Rob Grange


Lisa Suttle

General Marina Manager

Mick Guy

Head Teacher (Retd) / Vehicles Officer

Ian Wallace

Dentist (Retd) / Treasurer / Trustee

Chris Higgins

Outdoor Pursuits Instructor / Team Leader / Trustee

Paul White

Paper Mill Chemist / Collection Box Coordinator / Trustee

Steve Hepburn

Carpenter / Training Officer / Deputy Leader