Keswick Mountain Rescue Team | Barrow Door (60)
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Barrow Door (60)

Incident No: 60

Call Out Date: 15/07/2018

Callout Time: 1:18 pm

Location: Barrow Door

Agency Involved: Keswick MRT

Incident Details:

The team were called to a lady below Barrow Door who had slipped on the descent path and heard a crack from her ankle. The team Landrover and a Sprinter approached from High Coledale above Braithwaite and found the casualty on the Stoneycroft path below Barrow door. After splinting her ankle the lady was stretchered down the track to the road in Newlands Valley. The casualty and the other members of her party were transferred by team vehicle back to their own vehicle in Braithwaite who then travelled to Carlisle for x-ray.

20 team members - duration 1 hour 37 minutes