Keswick Mountain Rescue Team | Great End(24)
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Great End(24)

Incident No: 24

Call Out Date: 24/03/2018

Callout Time: 9:34 pm

Location: Great End

Agency Involved: Keswick MRT

Incident Details:

A group of 3 adults called the police to request assistance as they were lost on Scafell Pike. Wasdale team initially took the call but after locating them via SARLOC, found that they were on Great End in Keswick team's area. They were uninjured but benighted so a small team of 6 team members turned out to walk them down. They were not experienced walkers and had set off late in the day without appropriate clothing or a torch. They were brought down to Seathwaite to their vehicle.

9 members - 4 hours 01 minute