Keswick Mountain Rescue Team | Walla Crag (28)
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Walla Crag (28)

Incident No: 28

Call Out Date: 02/04/2018

Callout Time: 3:49 pm

Location: Walla Crag

Agency Involved: Keswick MRT

Incident Details:

A 45 year old female had walked up Walla Crag before becoming disorientated in the heavy snow. She was distressed and was not confident to continue. She was contacted by the team on her mobile phone but it was still unclear where she was. A team member walked over the summit of Walla from Keswick and started down Cat Gill where he met up with the lady and walked her back over Walla to Rakefoot Farm then drove her to her car.

7 team members - 44 minutes