Barf (21)

Incident No: 21

Date: 13th April 2017

Time: 10:58

Location: Barf

Incident Details: A  gentleman in his sixties rang for assistance after he became cragfast on Barf – a common occurrence, given the nature of the ground and the rock. The Team sent a vehicle round through Whinlatter Forest, where the Team were able to access the casualty site, with the aid of a Team spotter who could maintain a view of the whole scene. The casualty was unhurt, though cold and anxious. Given his location, it was decided that he would benefit from being roped down through the steep section as far as the lower scree, from where he was assisted to walk down.

9 Team members – 2 hour 31 minutes.


Shepherd’s Crag (20)
Base Brown (22)