Barf (32)

15 032A

Incident No: 32

Date: 4th May 2015

Time: 12:57

Location: Barf

Incident Details: Barf again ! Same place, just under Slape Crag! A family of three misrouted by failing to cross the stream into the forest. They continued up the stream and then traversed into some difficult ground under Slape Crag. They came to the awkward step and got to a point where they could not go up or down, and had to call for assistance. The Team sent a Land Rover with five, and two Team members attended direct. The family were assisted down, unhurt, to terra firma at The Swan.
14 members – 1 hour 35 minutes

The Wainwright route up Barf perhaps understates the awkward off-balance move necessary at Slape Crag to reach the safety of the diagonal path above. Those who are uncertain of their ability should perhaps stick with the Beckstones path, up through the forest to the point where they can turn north, and cross the stream on to the upper path.

Seathwaite (31)
Sticks Pass (33)