Barf (4)

Callout Date: 03/01/2023
Callout Time: 3:26 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT

Its been a busy first few days of the year with another callout yesterday. And there was another reminder that some mapping apps have serious limitations.

Three women and their dog were following a circular walk to Lord’s Seat from the parking around Powter How using the AllTrails app, which recommended a route via the steep face of Barf. There is no path via this route, only lines of scree, which also requires the walker to negotiate the rocky outcrop of Slape Crag (the scene of previous callouts) . The three woman were descending their route from the top of Barf and had negotiated the difficult down climb of Slape Crag, but with fading light and poor visibility they became cragfast and wisely dialled 999 to request Mountain Rescue help. A small team was dispatched and began a search by ascending the slope from the bottom of Barf. The party were soon found and were given harnesses and helmets before being tied-in to short ropes to help them descend the scree to the parking area.  Successfully down and uninjured, the three and their dog were able to return home in their own vehicle.

8 Team members – 1 hour 49 mins

Causey Pike (3)
Beckstones Gill, Barf (5)