Blencathra (55)

Callout Date: 31/07/2021
Callout Time: 8:27 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, Coastguard Helicopter

A family of four became separated near the summit of Blencathra. The police were subsequently contacted when the separated teenage daughter had had a small tumble and injured her knee and cut her head.  Whilst the team were assembling a second report came that the injured daughter had WhatsApped her W3W location to her parents and it positioned her between Hall’s Fell and Doddick Fell.
Knowing the terrain to be particularly difficult the team requested the support of a Coastguard SAR helicopter which tasked from Prestwick. The team responded with one small group heading along Hall’s Fell Ridge in case the location was inaccurate, but also to offer support from above if any rigging or rope work was needed. The remaining team members made their way up the bed of Doddick Gill, negotiating steep heather and scree and carrying the kit for what could potentially be a very tricky rescue.
Fortunately the SAR aircraft located the casualty in the beam of their powerful searchlight and directed team members to the scene via radio. Because of the treacherous nature of the terrain the team asked whether the aircrew were able to winch the casualty rather than have to perform a very dangerous stretcher evacuation. With some remarkable flying skills the SAR crew positioned their aircraft above the casualty site, lowered their winchman and lifted the casualty into the aircraft which then flew to Crow Park landing site in Keswick to be re-united with her family.
The team then made their way off the hill for a midnight finish.
15 team members – 3 hours 40 minutes
Langstrath Valley (54)
Clough Head (56)