Blencathra (74)

Incident No: 74

Date: 24th August 2015

Time: 13:22

Location: Sharp Edge, Blencathra

Incident Details: A family negotiating Sharp Edge with their 2 year old Labrador were horrified when it slipped and tumbled 150 feet (45m) down Sharp Edge Gully, landing on a grassy rake about half way down. It appeared to be relatively uninjured . They requested assistance to recover it, and a small Team of 5 set out with the necessary equipment, ascending via Mousthwaite Comb and Scales Tarn. Whilst the Team were en route, a member of the public who was a mountain guide, managed to get down to the dog, reassure it, and stop it falling any further. (Well done, Matt !) Once on scene, a member of the Team abseiled down to the dog, and after securing it with a couple of slings, was able to abseil into the gully bottom, where another member of the Team was able to secure it. On examination, it seemed to have escaped with cuts and bruises. It was then led down and handed over to the grateful owners. They were escorted down to Mousthwaite, and made arrangements for the local vet to check the dog over. A lucky escape !

6 Team members – 3 hours 41 minutes.


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