Coomb Height (40)

Incident No: 40

Date: 31st May 2016

Time: 12:20

Location: Coombe Height, Mosedale

Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service requested assistance from the Team to support them in fighting a large wild fire on the heather slopes of Coombe Height, Mosedale, probably initiated by a discarded barbecue.  Keswick and Penrith MR Team members assisted with carrying equipment and refreshments up and down the steep slopes to fire crews, as well as providing communications in an area which is a bit of a “Black Hole”. The strong winds on the hill rapidly fanned the flames, and at one point approximately 22 hectares were ablaze. Given that it had been a long period without rain, water supplies were poor, and eventually a decision was made to withdraw, and regroup in the morning. Cockermouth MRT were lined up as replacements for the morning, but in the event, the fire receded, and the Fire Service coped with it without support.

16 Team members – between 5 and 8 hours; + 7 Penrith MRT 7 hours


Cat Bells (39)
Latrigg (41)