Dale Head (32)

Callout Date: 03/07/2021
Callout Time: 12:48 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, NWAS

A runner taking part in a two day mountain marathon suffered a probable broken ankle on the descent from Dale Head to Dale Head Tarn. A passing walker raised the alarm after ascending back up Dale Head to secure a phone signal. Keswick MRT sent two vehicles, one to the head of the Newlands valley and the other to Honister pass. On arrival pain relief was provided and the ankle splinted before the casualty was stretchered and hauled to Honister youth hostel for transfer to a NWAS ambulance.

Many thanks to the passing doctor, and the Edale MR team member who helped and supported the injured runner.

17 team members – 4 hours 30 minutes

Stoneycroft Gill (31)
Castle Crag (33)