Derwentwater (38)

Incident No: 38

Date: 21st May 2016

Time: 20:43

Location: Derwentwater

Belfast Coastguard requested that the Team mobilise to assist a group of three persons who were in the water after falling from a rowing boat. (This took place during the evening music event at the Mountain Festival so there were many people in the area.) The Team boat launched, and searched the area round Derwent Isle and St Herbert’s Island; another Team member took a canoe to search other areas close to shore. The Boat crew eventually came across three lads who were landing a rowing boat down by the Keswick campsite, and they turned out to be the persons who had been in distress. They had managed to get ashore on one of the islands, and then get back into the boat to make their way to shore. The Coastguard asked the Team to ensure that there were no other persons in the water in that area, and after 40 minutes, the incident was closed.

15 Team members – 1 hour 32 minutes.


Whinlatter Forest (37)
Cat Bells (39)