Derwentwater Boat Landings (85)

Incident No: 85

Date: 10th September 2015

Time: 20:32

Location: Derwentwater Boat Landings

Incident Details: As the Team were finishing their weekly practice, a call was received from the Police, requesting we launch a boat to rescue a young man who had swum out under the influence of alcohol to a boat. He was cold and wet and could not get back. The Team immediately despatched a couple of members to assess the situation, a request was made for a boat from the marina on the other side of the lake, and our own boat was taken down to the lakeshore and inflated ready for use. By this time, the Fire Brigade and an ambulance were in attendance as well. Fortunately the marina boat was quickly on the scene, and the young man was brought safely ashore. The Team then returned to base to sort the equipment deployed.

18 Team members – 41 minutes.


Sty Head (84)
Cat Bells (86)