Dock Tarn Path (69)

Incident No: 69

Date: 16th August 2015

Time: 10:28

Location: Dock Tarn area

Incident Details: The Team were alerted to a man who had slipped whilst making camp the previous night, and had broken his leg. He decided he could stand it overnight, but could not stand on it the following morning. His friend and his two children came down to the Langstrath Hotel to raise the alarm, and the Team duly turned out. The Team was very shorthanded, but fortunately RAF Valley MRT were training at Shepherds Crag, so they were roped in to help. The casualty, who was, shall we say, well built, was right at the top of the difficult pitched path from Stonethwaite and it took some time to carry him down to Stonethwaite though the trees and deep bracken. He was taken to the Cumberland Infirmary by NWAS ambulance.

12 Team members + 7 RAF Valley – 3 hours and 11 minutes.


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