Fairy Glen (49)

Incident No: 49

Date: 6th July 2016

Time: 12:26

Location: Fairy Glen, Borrowdale

Incident Details: A 17 year old lady, undertaking the Coast to Coast walk with two friends, was suddenly taken ill on the Greenup Edge path, near to Fairy Glen. A couple came across the three, and phoned in for assistance. Unfortunately, details were sketchy, and the DeputyTeam leader had to do a bit of detective work, before a local Team member met the informants, and the location was clarified. An ambulance crew arrived, and she was assessed, and then Team embers were able to walk her a short distance to the Landrover. She was driven to the ambulance which was parked in Stonethwaite village, and after treatment and advice was discharged. The group decided  to make their way into Keswick, and the Team was able to offer them a lift into town.

11 Team members – 2 hours  46 minutes.


Helvellyn (48)
Honister Pass (50)