Forge Brow, Latrigg (56)

Callout Date: 22/05/2024
Callout Time: 6:29 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, MRT teams from Cockermouth, Duddon & Furness, Penrith, Kirby Steven, Wasdale, Kendal, LAMRT, Coniston, West Cumbria SAR, Maryport inshore SAR, LDSAMRA search dogs, Northumberland NP MRT, Whitehaven Coastguard, Cumbria Police, NWAS

Keswick team were asked to help locate a missing person who could be anywhere around the Keswick area. With heavy rain and a huge complex area to search further help was sought, the list of teams involved is above. Initially the obvious local paths and lakeshore were searched until darkness prevented effective searching. This resumed the following morning with many more MR teams given specific areas to search. Andrew Jenkins and search dog Bramble from Northumberland National Park MRT had been tasked to search the lower slopes of Latrigg above the River Greta. Bramble made the find, her first, in very dense wet bracken and foliage, the missing person was cold but well. Many thanks to all teams involved and to Brysons for their generous donation of cakes.

25 Keswick team members plus many more from the other teams – 18 hours 31 minutes

Stanah (55)
Barrow (57)