Glaramara (102)

Incident No: 102

Date: 17th October 2015

Time: 12:47

Location: Glaramara summit

Incident Details: Whilst the previous rescue was in progress, the Team was requested to assist a 54 year old man who had twisted his knee badly on the summit of Glaramara, and was unable to weight bear. As the Team had insufficient numbers for this job, Cockermouth MRT were asked to take the task on, and the few Team members that Keswick had were deployed to assist them. The teams accessed the area via Hind Gill and Comb Gill. Fortunately, Helimed 08 from Blackpool was in a position to assist, and once the Team had loaded the casualty aboard, he was flown to Furness General Hospital for treatment.

Cockermouth MRT + 6 Keswick Team members – 4 hours.


Carlside Col, SKiddaw (101)
Barkbethdale (103)