Grains Gill (42)

Callout Date: 13/05/2023
Callout Time: 6:25 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT

The owners of an injured and exhausted dog who was refusing to move requested support while on a return walk to Langdale having climbed Scafell Pike. Cumbria Police originally allocated the job to the Wasdale Team due to the Scafell Pike reference, and reallocated to Langdale Ambleside MRT after PhoneFind identified the casualty (dog) location on the Langdale side of Esk Hause. Having already had a very busy day with multiple callouts the Langdale Ambleside team passed it to Keswick as it was on the edge of our patch. Keswick team members approached from Seathwaite Farm and climbed towards Esk Hause via Grains Gill. Meantime the casualty owners, who were starting to feel the cold, were encouraged to try to descend towards the Keswick Team. The Keswick team met the casualty and owners high up Grains Gill. The casualty was made comfortable in a ‘cas bag’ on the stretcher and sledged/carried back to Seathwaite Farm. Despite being quite a large dog at 33kg it was a joy to carry such a relatively lightweight casualty. The casualty remained cool, calm and positively regal throughout! The casualty and owners were given a lift to Keswick Team Base where other members of their party collected them.

13 Team Members – 4 hours 18 minutes

Central Fells (41)
Skelgill Bank on Cat Bells (43)