Great End (04)

Incident No: 504
Date: 9th January 2017
Time: 15.04
Location: Great End
Incident Details: A lady walking with her son became stuck in a gully high on the west side of Great End, and as she suffered from a  medical condition, quickly became very cold. Given the prevailing conditions, and the rapidly approaching dark, the Team set off to Seathwaite swiftly with two vehicles full of personnel, to try to locate her in daylight. Whilst they were en route, the Team Leader checked on the availability of a winching helicopter, given that it would be sometime before the Team could be on scene, and the possible onset of hypothermia. Wasdale team were alerted, and prepared to come out to assist in the search. An S92 from the Coastguard flight at Prestwick was scrambled, and made for the top of Great End. Meanwhile communications with the casualty proved difficult, and it was nearly an hour before she was in contact to confirm that she was now at the top of Great End, having managed to escape from the top of the gully. She and her son met up with two Team members at the top of Grains Gill. After the casualties had been assessed as in no immediate danger, Rescue 999 stood down, and the Team walked the two down to Seathwaite.  Many thanks to Wasdale and Rescue 999 for their assistance.
20 Team members  – 3 hour 33 minutes