Great End (11)

Incident No: 11

Date: 29th February 2016

Time: 21:45

Location: Great End

Cumbria Police alerted the Team to two overdue climbers who had been on Great End. There was quite a long period where enquiries were made as to whether their car was in the area, (in case they were already on their way home) and a Team member living in Borrowdale checked along the path to Stockley Bridge to see if there were any lights on the hill. In the meantime a text arrived to one of their families to say they were on the top of Great End, and making their way off. After two hours there was still no sign, and the Team were mobilised at 2345 to start a search of the main routes down, in case they had come to grief. As the second vehicle was leaving Keswick, it passed the climbers’ car heading in the opposite direction, and almost immediately the Team was recalled. Just as well, as it was a foul night!

13 Team members – Up to 3 hours 17 minutes


Barrow (10)
Cat Bells (12)