Grisedale Pike (10)

Callout Date: 12/02/2019
Callout Time: 11:09 am
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, Cockermouth MRT, Coast Guard Helicopter

A 19 year old took a direct line from the Grisedale Pike ridge down to Force Mine Crag. At Long Crag the person injured an ankle and was unable to continue. Keswick and Cockermouth rescue teams were deployed and after some initial difficulty the casualty was located, and then treated at the scene. Due to the steep and rocky ground a request was made for Coast Guard helicopter support. Fortunately the cloud level was just high enough for the helicopter to come in and winch and evacuate the casualty to Carlisle hospital.

14 Keswick Team members (plus the Cockermouth Team) – 4 hours 21 minutes


Blencathra (9)
Stake Beck, Langstrath Valley (11)