Helvellyn (13)

Incident No: 13

Date: 12th March 2016

Time: 15.07

Location: Helvellyn (Wythburn church area)

While the previous incident was in progress, the Team were requested to assist a 34 year old female with a knee injury, who was with a group descending from Helvellyn to St Johns Wythburn. This year, we have done no rescues on this side of Helvellyn, due to the road being closed after Storm Desmond, so this was a first – and we were short-handed ! A small group went out to assess the situation, as the details of the initial call looked as if the incident was quite high on the hill. Those Team members who were on the Cat Bells incident were warned that they would be needed if there was a long carry in the offing.  Fortunately, the group had managed to get a long way down, and  a passing member of the public rang in to give an accurate position, just above the forest boundary above the church. All of the group were cold, and not really adequately equipped for the hill. The Team arranged for the lady to be transported in a Team vehicle to Keswick hospital, where she would be collected by an NWAS ambulance for onward transfer to the Cumberland Infirmary.

5 Team members – 2 hours 9 minutes.


Cat Bells (12)
Stonethwaite (14)