High Raise (122)

Callout Date: 23/12/2021
Callout Time: 12:42 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswic MRT, Langdale Ambleside MRT, Penrith MRT

After walking over Eagle Crag and Sergeant’s Crag above Langstrath a man was navigating his way off-piste and through mist towards Ullscarf. Unfortunately during a slip the man lost his glasses in tussocky grass. Without his glasses he had difficulty reading his paper map (or the mapping software on his phone). Realising he was in trouble he called 999 and requested assistance. Wisely he made his way uphill to the trig point on the summit of High Raise, an easy target for the search team once his position was eventually confirmed using SARLOC technology. When the team arrived it was a straight forward walk off back to Stonethwaite.

9 Keswick team members – 5 hours (thanks to the support from Langdale Ambleside, Penrith MRTs and their search dogs)


Honister (121)
Comb Gill, Nethermost Pike (123)