High Rigg (26)

Incident No: 26

Date: 23rd April 2016

Time: 14:17

Location: High Rigg

The Team were called to assist an 80 year old male who had taken a tumbling fall whilst walking with friends on High Rigg. He had fallen approximately 3 metres from a path into a boulder field, suffering severe lacerations to his head, and damage to his ribs. The Team were swiftly on scene and requested assistance from the Air Ambulance in view of his head injury. Fortunately the Great North Air Ambulance was available, and was on scene in 10 minutes. After treatment on scene, the man was flown to the Cumberland Infirmary for furher assessment. The Team assisted members of his party back to their vehicles at St Johns in the Vale.

9 Team members – 2 hour 8 minutes.


Brund Fell (25)
Greenup Edge (27)