Langstrath (117)

Callout Date: 27/11/2022
Callout Time: 2:00 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, GNAAS, Coast Guard Helicopter

A 48 year old man was walking in the fells around High Raise when he became unwell. Without a phone signal and realising his best hope of finding someone to help was down in the valley, he started to make his way towards the Langstrath Valley. When he was unable to continue he started blowing his whistle. Note to self: put whistle in hill bag. His whistles (6 blasts of whistle or six flashes of torch at night for a distress signal, repeated every minute) were heard by a couple walking in Langstrath who then climbed up to find the man. With no mobile reception one of the couple ran down to Stonethwaite from where they called 999 for Mountain Rescue before returning to the casualty.

GNAAS air ambulance responded quickly and the Coast Guard helicopter was also tasked due to the late time of day. Keswick team sent two vehicles with team members racing up valley from Langstrath campsite. The air ambulance managed some nifty parking on the side of the fell near Brown Crag to the north of Stake Pass leaving just a short climb to get to the casualty. The man was given pain relief and warming blankets. MR team members arrived shortly after followed by R936 from Caernarfon. The man was winched from the side of the hill by the Coast Guard saving an awkward stretcher carry down to the air ambulance. He was then flown to Blackpool for further treatment.

Many thanks to the walking couple for responding and calling for a rescue, also to our local Great North Air Ambulance and Rescue 936 from Caernarfon.

18 team members – 3 hours 30 minutes


The Benn (116)
Dock Tarn (118)