Lining Crag, Greenup Gill (35)

Callout Date: 11/05/2022
Callout Time: 5:16 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT

The team received a report of a man in his 70s who was injured at the top of Greenup Gill. He was part of a group walking from Grasmere over Greenup Edge towards Stonethwaite in Borrowdale. Keswick dispatched two vehicles initially, and team members made their way up Greenup Gill towards the casualty. On arrival he was assessed and it seemed the problem was a pre-existing soft tissue injury that was triggered by the steep rocky descent on the path by Lining Crag. The man had tried to continue but was in so much pain that the group had to call for help. After a long stretcher carry in the evening sunshine the team finally arrived at Stonethwaite and the man’s family took him to hospital for further checks.

23 team members – 3 hours 44 minutes




Derwentwater (34)
Lonscale Fell (36)