Lorton Gully (57)

Callout Date: 17/06/2023
Callout Time: 10:25 am
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, Cockermouth MRT, Coastguard helicopter

A woman scrambling in Lorton Gully, on the west side of Grasmoor, slipped and fell around 3 meters, suffering painful elbow, hip and back injuries. She called mountain rescue, which due to her location went through to Cockermouth MRT. As they were hosting an open day for their 70th Anniversary, they had already requested additional cover from Keswick MRT. Both teams made their way to the area, with Cockermouth soon locating and assessing the casualty. The woman was given initial treatment but due to the technical ground and the nature of the woman’s injuries a coastguard helicopter was requested with the ability to winch the casualty off the hill. Meanwhile the Keswick team brought a stretcher and additional equipment to the site so that the casualty could be carefully transferred to a safe place for winching. The casualty was “packaged” in a vacuum mattress and onto a stretcher before being transferred to open ground. The coastguard then winched her into the helicopter for a speedy transfer to hospital.

The Keswick team send their congratulations to Cockermouth MRT on their 70th anniversary. We’re glad we could support them on their special day.

8 Keswick Team members – 3 hours 35 mins

Helvellyn (56)
Low Briery, Keswick (58)