Outerside (6)

Callout Date: 14/01/2023
Callout Time: 11:53 am
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT

A male fell runner became unwell whilst running the Stile End, Outerside, Barrow fell race and was unable to continue. One of the race marshals bringing up the rear came across him, assessed him and put him in a bivvy bag before calling 999 and asking for Mountain Rescue as a precaution. The team were able to drive part way up above Braithwaite towards the base of Stile End and then continued on foot. Fortunately by this stage the runner was able to walk and the team met him accompanied by race marshals. He was taken back to the race control where he was assessed by a team doctor who deemed him fit to make his own way onward with the advice to get a lift back home.

14 Team members – 1 hour 37 mins

Beckstones Gill, Barf (5)
Barf (7)