Sharp Edge (13)

Callout Date: 17/02/2024
Callout Time: 8:38 am
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, Penrith MRT, Coast Guard helicopter

The team were called by a walker who came across a woman who had fallen 20m down the ‘usual gully’ on Sharp Edge, Blencathra. Although suffering multiple injuries she had somehow managed to stop herself falling much further. She was also fortunate to have received excellent first aid by a passing Royal Marine whilst awaiting MRT support. As it was a complex rescue Penrith MRT and Coastguard helicopter assistance was requested.

In wet conditions Sharp Edge is notoriously slippy so a safety line was established to get team members with rescue equipment along the Edge. A twin rope system was then set up to enable the treated and packaged casualty to be lowered down the gully to a doctor from the Penrith team. Low cloud meant a stretcher carry was necessary to a point where Coastguard 912 could land and airlift the woman to hospital.

18 Keswick + 10 Penrith team members – 6 hours 22m minutes


Hindscarth (12)
White Side (14)