Sharp Edge (29)

Callout Date: 28/04/2022
Callout Time: 3:58 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT

A couple went off route on the final climb of Sharp Edge on Blencathra and became stuck on steep and tricky ground overlooking Scales Tarn. After deliberating for some time and discussing their options, none of which were very attractive, they reluctantly but very wisely called 999 and asked for Mountain Rescue. A team set off from base and were joined at Mousethwaite Comb by others who travelled direct. The team made their way up Scales Fell to approach from above. The weather was kind with light winds and good visibility meaning the couple were easily visible from below. Ropes were set up and two rescuers were lowered to the couple. Helmets and harnesses were fitted and the couple were then able to scramble safely up the crag with the safety of ropes and support from the team members alongside.

8 team members – 3 hour 47 minutes

Low Snab Farm, Newlands (28)
Rigg Beck (30)