Skiddaw (90)

Callout Date: 27/09/2023
Callout Time: 4:11 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT

Looking for a challenging walk and overnight camp a man made his way from Keswick up Skiddaw. Having reached the exposed summit ridge he experienced the full force of Storm Agnes which caused him to slip and cut his face. He called for help but the wind noise made verbal communication difficult so there was a back and forth of text messaging. Due to time it would take for the team to get to the summit the man was encouraged to self rescue by descending the hill and out of the worst of the wind. His movement was monitored by Phonefind but he was making very slow progress. A small team was therefore deployed and found the man on the path below the summit. He was walked off with the support of team members down to the team vehicle.

9 team members – 3 hours 28 minutes

Dale Head (89)
Thirlmere (91)