Skiddaw summit (43)

Incident No: 43

Date: 4th June 2016

Time: 13:32

Location: Skiddaw

The Team were called to go to the aid of a 50 year old male who had fallen off his mountain bike, close to the summit of Skiddaw. He was reported to have leg injuries, but it turned out to be head, chest and arm injuries! Helimed 58 had also been tasked to this incident, and to no-one’s surprise, got there first. The downside was that the aircraft was 600 metres from the patient, so the Team was needed to assist with the carry, which wasn’t hugely popular given the high temperatures and a flog up the 600m in height from Gale Road car park to the top! However, the task was achieved, the casualty was loaded aboard, and he was then flown to the Cumberland Infirmary for treatment.

17 Team members – 2 hours 46 minutes


High Crag (42)
Hause Gate (44)