Sour Milk Ghyll ((28)

Incident No: 28

Date: 30th April 2015

Time: 20:52

Location: Sour Milk Ghyll

A couple decided to seek a shortcut on the Coast to Coast route, and descended via Sour Milk Ghyll. The lady slipped at the foot of the tricky gully, and fell, damaging her knee. She was unable to weight bear, so her husband descended to Seathwaite Farm to seek help. The Team mobilised swiftly, and a local Team member set off with Search Dog Isla, who located the casualty very swiftly. The rest of the Team set off to Seathwaite with two vehicles full of personnel. The lady was treated at the scene, and then stretchered down to the farm, where she was loaded into an NWAS ambulance to be transferred to Carlisle for further treatment.

15 Team members – 2 hours 15 minutes.


Greenup Edge (27)
Derwentwater (29)