Stonethwaite (15)

Incident No: 15

Date: 16th March 2016

Time: 15:49

Location: Stonethwaite area

The Team was called to an incident where shouts for help had been heard by a number of people, who had phoned in. One local team member began a search, and came across a passer by ,who had discovered a 68 year old man who had been shouting for help. It appeared he had tried to descend from the Dock Tarn path down a steep hillside and had taken a big fall, suffering multiple serious injuries to head, chest, pelvis and thigh. The Team accessed the scene direct from the road, which involved crossing a number of fences, a wall and then wading the river. Fortunately, Helimed 58 was able to land fairly close to the casualty, but it took some time to carry the casualty down through difficult ground, and the air ambulance staff then had to carry out a number of procedures to stabilise the casualty, before he was loaded aboard and transferred to the Royal Preston Hospital. The Team stood by until the aircraft was airborne, and then stood down.

16Team members – 2 hours 45 minutes.


Stonethwaite (14)
Birk Side, Thirlmere (16)