Sty Head (23)

Callout Date: 14/06/2020
Callout Time: 11:17 am
Agencies Involved: Wasdale MRT, Keswick MRT

Early on Sunday morning a 19 year old had fallen and injured her ankle near to Sty Head pass. The group she was with attempted to help her down to Seathwaite but they realised this would not be possible and so called for help. Fortunately Wasdale MRT had set off for a training exercise and were relatively near to the casualty site. They immediately called off the training and went to assist. After the ankle was treated and pain relief provided the Wasdale team agreed to stretcher the casualty down towards Seathwaite for a handover with Keswick MRT near to Stockley Bridge. Keswick would then complete the carry.

The Covid-19 threat means rescue teams protect themselves with PPE as seen in the photographs. Bear in mind that Sunday was a very hot and muggy day and so a long stretcher carry in PPE is particularly difficult. Our thanks go to the Wasdale team who, following the handover, had to ascend back over Sty Head to Wasdale. A sterling effort.

11 Keswick team members – 2 hours 43 minutes (Wasdale team – much longer!)


High Spy (22)
Shepherds Crag, Borrowdale (24)