Styhead Path, Borrowdale (48)

Callout Date: 09/06/2018

Two ladies, one 7 months pregnant, had walked from Seathwaite to Scafell Pike arriving on the summit around 5pm with plenty of daylight to return. On their descent, the 6 year old husky gave up and would walk no further despite the lure of treats. One of our team members who lives close to the location set off first with his daughter, a student vet. They were followed by a vehicle of team members and one of our search dog handlers. It was quickly obvious that the dog would not be able to walk down, it made 2 steps with some gentle persuasion and loads of treats and stopped, so she was placed in a kind of nest made from our casualty bag, put onto the stretcher, strapped in and carried down arriving back in the valley at Seathwaite around 2am.
The owner kindly updated us the next day and it turned out the dog had lacerations on its paws explaining it’s reluctance to walk.
It had previously done the Yorkshire 3 peaks so is a fit dog – it was just unfortunate, but made for a ‘different’ kind of rescue from the norm!

13 team members – 2 hours 53 minutes

Puddingstone bank, Rosthwaite (47)