Swirls, Helvellyn (25)

Callout Date: 24/04/2019
Callout Time: 2:50 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, NWAS

Soon after returning to Base after the earlier incident at Stonethwaite,  another call-out was received for an accident near to Swirls Car park at Thirlmere. On the descent from Helvellyn a woman slipped, badly injured her ankle, and was unable to continue. Two vehicles made their way to the casualty and pain relief provided before splinting the ankle. The woman was then stretchered to the car park where an ambulance took her to the Cumberland Infirmary at Carlisle for further treatment.

13 team members – 2 hours


Lingy End, Stonethwaite (24)
Gillercomb Head, Brandreth (26)