Threlkeld Knotts (94)

Incident No: 94

Date: 2nd October 2015

Time: 10:43

Location: Threlkeld Knotts, Hill Top Quarry

Incident Details: A 26 year old man, out taking photographs on a  stunning day, decided to step over the wire fence surrounding Hill Top Quarry. In adjusting his position, the ground gave way, and he then fell approximately 50 metres into the quarry, hitting a rock spike en route. He suffered what appeared to be a serious leg injury, but was otherwise relatively unscathed. He landed in the base of the quarry, but was able to crawl to a point where he could phone for assistance. An ambulance was able to get relatively close, but the Team managed to drive its 4 wheel drive Sprinter ambulance right next to him. He was given analgesia, was splinted , and then transferred by Sprinter to the NWAS ambulance 400m away. The ambulance then took him to the Cumberland Infirmary for treatment. (Update – his injury consisted of soft tissue damage to his ankle + cuts and bruises!  Lucky man! )

14 Team members – 1 hour 8 minutes.


Whinlatter Forest (93)
Rosthwaite (95)