Ullock Pike area (10)

Incident No: 10

Date: 14th February 2015

Time: 15:54

Location: Ullock Pike area

Incident Details: A couple set out from Bassenthwaite to walk up Ullock Pike, or so they thought. As the ground became steeper and snow covered, the lady became panicky, and her partner then phoned for assistance. His phone was low on battery, and he had very little idea of where he was. The Team tried the SARLOC system, but this failed to locate him. Eventually, by getting him to take a picture of what he could see, emailing it to the Team, and checking how they had got there, we deduced that they were somewhere in the top of Southerndale. A small group of Team members with two search dogs set off to bring them down. By this time, the gentleman’s phone had died, and no further contact was possible. As the Team neared the top of Ullock Pike, a phone call was received to say that they had managed to get off by themselves. The Team returned to base. It afterwards transpired they had been on the adjacent ridge which they had mistaken for the Ullock Ridge.
12 members – 3 hours

Learning Point – If you’re going to rely on a mobile phone, make sure it’s charged – but it’s also a good idea to take map, compass, torch and spare gear. It may be sunny during the day, but it’s still February, and cold when the sun goes down!

Blencathra (9)
Helvellyn (11)