Watendlath (64)

Callout Date: 17/08/2021
Callout Time: 3:46 pm
Agencies Involved: Keswick MRT, GNAAS

A walker on the Watendlath to Rosthwaite path called for mountain rescue when they came across a 70 year old man who seemed to be very poorly. Due to the phone signal dropping out only scant details were passed on. Without an exact location and only vague details of the nature of the man’s condition two teams set out from base; the first went directly to Watendlath and the second to Rosthwaite in order to do a pincer movement to locate the man. The team at Watendlath had just set off up the path when someone called them back saying the man had made his own way back to the car park. Meantime GNAAS, the Great North Air Ambulance had also acted on the potentially serious information supplied and sent a helicopter which arrived at the same time as the first Keswick party. A Keswick team doctor did a quick assessment before handing over to the helicopter team who could do a more thorough check over using their equipment.

14 Team members – 1 hour

Seathwaite (63)
Skiddaw (65)