Whiteside (46)

Incident No: 46

Date: 20th June 2016

Time: 12:29

Location: Between Whiteside and Helvellyn

Incident Details: A lady walking with her daughter, was suddenly taken ill. The Team set off to Swirls car park with two vehicles full of personnel, and others went direct. Meanwhile, Control checked on the availability of the air ambulance, given that it would be sometime before the Team could be on scene. Fortunately, the North West Air Ambulance, Helimed 08 was available, and was tasked to the incident. Team members kept going towards the casualty site, as weather conditions were initially a bit marginal, and there might be  a need to stretcher down below cloud level. Fortunately, the air ambulance was able to land close to the casualty, and after assessing her, was able to transfer her to hospital for treatment. The Team stood by until the aircraft was airborne, and then stood down.

19 Team members – 3 hours


River Derwent, Rosthwaite (45)
Sale Fell (47)