Keswick Mountain Rescue Team | Ashness Bridge (14)
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Ashness Bridge (14)

Ashness Bridge (14)

Incident No: 14

Date: 14th March 2015

Time: 14:03

Location: Ashness Bridge

Incident Details: North West Ambulance Service requested assistance from the Team to locate and retrieve a 67 year old lady, who had slipped and suffered an ankle injury near Ashness Bridge. The ambulance was unable to negotiate the bridge, so a Team Land Rover and a Team Sprinter attended. It then transpired that the 68 year old husband of the lady, in going to get assistance, had fallen from a stile, and knocked himself out. The Team managed to recover both casualties to the roadside, and the ambulance crews then took over treatment and onward transport to Keswick hospital.
16 members – 58 minutes

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