Keswick Mountain Rescue Team | Cat Bells (59)
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Cat Bells (59)

Cat Bells (59)

Incident No: 59

Date: 29th July 2015

Time: 15:31

Location: Cat Bells

Incident Details: A 15 year old girl, walking with her mother, slipped and aggravated an old knee injury, to the extent that she was unable to weight-bear. The Team sent out two vehicles, and one of the Team paramedics attended direct from home. She was assessed and splinted at the scene, and given analgesia. The Team then opted for a direct descent with the stretcher through the bracken, creating a new footpath in the process, and arrived down at the road, where an NWAS ambulance was waiting to transfer her to the Cumberland Infirmary for treatment.

10 Team members – 1 hour 38 minutes.


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