Keswick Mountain Rescue Team | Derwentwater Lake Shore (77)
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Derwentwater Lake Shore (77)

Incident No: 77

Call Out Date: 19/08/2018

Callout Time: 7:22 pm

Location: Barrow Bay

Agency Involved: NWAS, Keswick MRT

Incident Details:

The North West Ambulance Service requested support from the team to stretcher a 58 year old male from the lakeshore to a nearby ambulance parked on the roadside. The man had stepped off a foot bridge and turned his foot leaving it very swollen and unable to bear any weight. Two vehicles were dispatched but one returned after the location was confirmed to be close to the road. After a quick transfer to the ambulance the man was taken to the Cumberland Infirmary at Carlisle.

12 team members - 1 hour