Keswick Mountain Rescue Team | Greenup Edge (63)
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Greenup Edge (63)

Greenup Edge (63)

Incident No: 63

Date: 8th August 2015

Time: 08:15

Location: Greenup Edge/Wythburn areas

Incident Details: A lady walking the Coast to Coast route failed to turn up at her accommodation, and had been missing overnight. After some enquiries, the Team mounted a search of the Rosthwaite to Grasmere section, and requested assistance from Patterdale and Langdale teams to search their sections of the route. 7 Lake District Mountain Rescue Search Dog teams were deployed to assist the various MRTs. After the search had been running about an hour and a half, the lady was located in Patterdale, having stayed at different accommodation. The various teams were stood down, and returned to base. This incident tied up approximately 25 team members from the various assets for most of the morning.

12 Team members – 4 hours 3 minutes.


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