Joint training night

Joint training with Keswick and Workington Fire and rescue

On Wednesday evening Keswick MRT had a joint training session with Fire and Rescue teams from Keswick and Workington. The scenario was based at Crosthwaite Church in Keswick and involved two casualties: the first was suffering with severe chest pains and the second was someone who had gone for help but in their haste had fallen and badly injured themselves.

First on the scene were Keswick Fire and Rescue who assessed the scene and due to the complexity of the situation requested backup from Workington Fire and Rescue and Keswick MRT. Fire and Rescue teams were tasked with the second, injured casualty located on the level of the bells in the bell tower. The patient (a real volunteer) was treated then skilfully and carefully lowered on a stretcher down the incredibly steep and narrow spiral stone staircase. Keswick MRT gave medical attention to the possible cardiac casualty before loading and lowering them (a 55kg dummy) on a stretcher from the top of the church tower down the outside to the ground below.

Joint training exercises with other emergency teams are extremely useful for all involved and much is learnt on all sides. The scenarios are treated very seriously as if for real but there is no denying it’s great fun too. No casualties, real or otherwise, were harmed in this exercise.