Mark Hodgson MBE 50 years long service award

At the usual Thursday night’s training (15th September) it was QGM time. Before getting down to usual business it was to the honour of current team leader Chris Higgins to hand over a long service award to former team leader Mark Hodgson MBE who has now been a part of Keswick Mountain Rescue Team for a remarkable 50 years! Mark recounted the story of his first rescue in August 1972, an unfortunate recovery of a fallen climber at the foot of Gillercomb Buttress; one of no doubt innumerable memorable callout stories amongst the many hundreds of more routine broken ankles or folk lost on the fells. Mark remains a very active team member whose depth of knowledge and experience is an invaluable help in rescues, he’s also a genuinely nice fella who has time for all.

A delicious cake and cup cakes had been baked for the occasion by team member Dr Jenni Whittaker which were very much appreciated.