Long service awards

Long service awards

At Keswick team’s quarterly general meeting at the end of May 2021 a number of awards were given to team members for their dedication and commitment to the team over the years. Long service awards were given to :

Malcolm Miller – 50 years award – Chairman 2013-2015; currently Collection Boxes Co-ordinator.

Andy Jones – 40 years award – Treasurer 1995-2000.

Chris Higgins – 25 years award – Deputy Leader 2000-2014, Leader from 2014; Chris has also been an Equipment Officer.

Dr Tim Hooper, who continues to provided medical training and expertise, was also due to receive a 25 year award but was unable to attend the QGM. 

Imagine volunteering over a 25 year period, selflessly giving up your precious time to go out any time of day or night in all kinds of weather to rescue strangers in trouble on the fells. How many family meals, special occasions, evenings in the pub, etc have been sacrificed? How about doing that for 40 years or even 50 years! 

Malcolm wrote about his 50 years in the team for the 2021 Rescue Report explaining that for him the overriding benefit of being a team member is the long-lasting friendships that have formed. He talks about the two-way relationship with team members efforts being more than repaid with companionship, shared adventures and experiences both on and of the hills.

However you look at it their combined contribution of thousands of rescues is an incredible achievement and something to be very proud of.

Many thanks to Laura at Cakes from the Lakes for their very kind donation of a specially made cake to celebrate the occasion, it was was very much appreciated by all present.